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Honoring A Life of Love with the Community Access Program

When I met John he and his wife Sami had already been through several trainers. Their two of three dogs were not getting along. I met Rescue and Ranger and was able to see pretty instantly that Ranger was full of love to the point he was attempting to shove it down his brothers throat. Rescue Puppy did not appreciate this and Ranger was oblivious to his siblings body language asking him to back off. I gave them options to work through and reach the goals of a happy home. John was skeptical and I will never forget his mantra. "Happy wife, happy life." I did not know these two at the time and through our work together I got to see just how much he loved his wife, his dogs, and his mom.

When John came to drop Ranger off, Rescue had arrived the day before I remember him looking around our little farm with a look on his face that said I have no faith this will work, and then he repeated "happy wife, happy life." As we progressed through training and our lessons at home I got to see the fun goofy guy behind the stoic façade I had been previously presented with. We worked our weeks long program and months of after board and train support after to continue to rebuild their bond and then they were stuck with us for Life.

Several times when someone in the community expressed a need for intervention for their dogs John and Sami would offer to cover the expenses if they wanted it. It was a selfless act focused on keeping a household intact and happy. Years down the road, happy dogs, happy wife, and his happy life when he was stolen from this world far too young. That willingness to help those in need never left our minds or hearts. So to honor John C Chappell we focused on building the John C Chappell Community Access Program.

The goals of this program:

To take specifically earmarked donations and apply them to a fund that grants scholarships for training services such as group, private, virtual training and behavior programs and community outreach programs to at risk, underrepresented, and underserved communities.

We have been able to help many families and shelters/rescues since the start of this program.

Currently dogs adopted from the DHS Animal Care and Control Center and the Animal Rescue Center of California are eligible for FREE group classes at All Big Canines.

We have been able to help families with scholarships in Johns honor for training as follows:


# Families Served






15 and counting

To learn more about The John C Chappell Community Access Program Contact US.

To provide a tax deductible donate to the John C Chappell Community Access Program click below and put JOHN C CHAPPELL or COMMUNITY ACCESS in the memo. If you forget to do this, reach out and let us know. We will track and ensure it is allocated to the proper space.

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