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Turning Rescued Farm Animals Into a Theraputic and Educational Pursuit.

When we started rescuing our farm animals it became clear that these unwanted, sometimes maltreated, and often fearful farm animals truly thrived when interacting with people who gave them the time they needed. Those who could identify with their experiences and earn their trust and build a relationship with them. We know therpay dogs provide a huge benefit but we also realized how therapeutic working with the rescued farm animals was for many children and adults. Knowing that some local disabled adult programs have been denied access to animal-assisted therapeutic ventures for reasons of ability, weight, and behavior we set out to find a more realistic way to provide the therapeutic benefits animals provide with children and adults who have different abilities, are neurodiverse, or going through/have gone through trauma or stress that makes coping with life difficult while providing the animals with love, care, and companionship of humans. 
This also allowed us to educate visitors on proper husbandry of each animal, nutrition needs, and sustainable and humane farming concepts.

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35 + Years Young

Razor joined Esperanza's Second Chance Sanctuary in 2015. Unable to walk, very underweight, and not properly cared for in his last several homes. He has flourished since his arrival and is a very goofy guy. He is an Arabian Quarter Horse cross.

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